Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke Furniture

We also spray paint furniture very frequently. In most cases, the said piece of furniture has sentimental value and would look dated or worn and giving it colour will transform it and make it a treasured item for many years to come . Sometimes Parents get this done and bequeath it to the next generation where it fits right into a contemporary setting and becomes a valuable keepsake, so it’s far from being just an upcycling exercise.  Examples would be Bedroom or Sitting Room Dressers, TV tables & Bookcases. The most significant feature of spray painting over hand painting is its durability and smooth finish. You just can’t beat that factory finish. Drop it off or we can collect it. Just send us a photo for a quote.


Some Sample images of our most recent projects. The photos in varnish finish are for Before & After Visuals .

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