The Process…

The Process


The preparation of the kitchen doors is
vital. While other companies may skimp
on the preparation, we feel it is the most
important part of the project. Our
workshop has been specifically designed
so the door preparation &  spraying is
completed to the highest standards
possible. After the kitchen doors have
been collected, cleaned , primed & sprayed and handles fitted if required we are then ready to refit them for the client .


Preparation of the kitchen unit usually
takes place on the first day of the job.
We sand and prepare the Framework for
Spray painting. For larger kitchens
we spend the whole day doing this
and actually start spraying the next
day. So your kitchen will only be out
of action from the time we mask
until the time we spray which is
usually only 24 hours.


When the kitchen unit is sprayed we
then remove the masking and fit your
doors. We fully inspect the job and fit
new handles if required. The paint we
use is particular to the kitchen
resurfacing industry. It is exceptionally
strong and smooth which allows for
easy cleaning and maintenance.
Your kitchen will be available for use
again 12 hours after spraying.


Sample images of some of our projects