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A little bit about me

Hi, my name is Brian Lemasney and I am proudly from  The Peoples Republic Of Cork . I trained and achieved my City & Guilds Painting & Decorating Certificate in London in 1990 whilst working in the Painting & Decorating Industry in London for three years previous to that. I then returned to Cork and set up my own Painting & Decorating business, mostly in a domestic environment to a very high standard.  Crystal ball gazing to the future though, and visualising climbing up ladders as I got older sent me on the happy road to specialise in spray painting so as to be able to offer a very durable, high-quality service to my clients at a competitive price.I had no idea then that there are that many Pine and Oak Kitchens out there for a little TLC and  colour !

What is a Kitchen Respray?

A Kitchen Respray is precisely what it sounds like. Rather than having to take your cabinets out,( with all the mess that goes with it ! ),  they are masked off to prevent excess spray, and the Framework is then spray painted and hand painted where necessary the colour you choose after the  extensive preparation It requires .  Sound too good to be true ?, Just for yourself , our before and after pictures don’t lie !

How much does an average kitchen cost to respray?

All jobs vary in price according to their size.

Prices will vary depending on the Size, Style, and Finish of your kitchen. A Kitchen with an island and utility room will also be factored in .

Please Send photos by email for an accurate quote.

Vat charged at a rate of 13.5% .

That would be  around 25% minimum of the replacement cost.

Advantages of Re-spraying your Cabinets.

You can spray-paint your kitchen for approximately a quarter of what it would cost to replace it. Most of the time, your kitchen cabinets and Framework are in perfect condition, and you are performing the complete replacement simply to add a new splash of colour, So why not Respray?
Most average Kitchens will take around a week to complete.

Step 1: We Prepare the Main Framework or Body of the units in your home. This will entail Degreasing, Sanding, and Cleaning.

Then we apply three coats of paint in one day.

Our paint dries quickly and you can use your kitchen the next morning.

Step 2 : We take away your doors and use the same preparation methods, We then Spray- Paint them in our workshop. If new Handles are required we fit them at this stage and then they are ready to refit. Remember Your Kitchen is only out of action for less than one day. 



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