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Choosing a colour for your kitchen cabinets, or implementing an overall colour change is an important process. After all, colour change can have a dramatic effect. It instantly creates a mood or gives a lift to an existing scheme. The perception of colour gives us an opportunity to create added warmth  especially given our wet dark winters.

 Colour is often one of the first elements you notice but often one of the last to be considered or implemented.

Choosing a kitchen unit or wall colour can often be the deciding factor in creating a successful scheme for your interior.
When choosing a colour for your units it is important to select a colour that will enhance the space and make best use of
any natural light there may be. This is where it can get tricky as colour choice is subjective and a personal choice.

When deciding on options, consider how the colour marries in with the flooring, worktops & tiles or even a splashback.

Alternatively, choosing a statement colour for a kitchen can create a stunning look. If you are not afraid of colour and the area
can accept it, then options such as navy, green, black and brown can be very effective. Tempering these options with lighter
associated tones on the walls can provide a stylish and lasting effect. For a gentler introduction to statement colours, you can limit them to
areas such as island units, dressers and occasional furniture.

What  Paint Type?

Once you have chosen your Paint Colour, the Finish you choose is also very important . You can choose Matte, Satin or Gloss Finish.

Matte Finish is a very low lustre and natural-looking but for low footfall areas, maybe not the best idea for a family with sports-loving kids !

Satin Finish is a mid-level lustre and tends to be the most popular choice for light and dark colours. It will take a regular wipe-down whenever required.

Gloss Finish has a high sheen so probably best avoided if the wood is in a poor, or rough state as it will highlight any imperfections.



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