Kitchen Unit Painting Cork


Kitchen Unit Painting Cork


You don’t have to spend a fortune to replace your kitchen. If you’re happy with the kitchen decor and just want to freshen it up, our Kitchen Unit Painting Cork service is for you. We understand that customers are skeptical about the durability of our paint, which is why we offer a 5-year warranty against chipping or peeling. We have conducted extensive product research to ensure that the products we use last and provide the ultimate finish. Our unique selling proposition is the fact that we have a state of the art spray booth where all demountable parts are baked in, which of course ensures a better finish and a much more sustainable end product.


Bespoke Furniture Painting Cork
Bespoke Furniture Painting


With more than 25 years of experience and knowledge, you are in good hands with us. Because we often work in pairs or threes (depending on the size of the kitchen) so that we can provide you with a fully functional and beautifully finished kitchen in the shortest possible time.

We have been doing kitchen unit painting cork for many kitchens that are often up to 20 years old! The end result is a completely unreadable, flawless finish for a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.

Almost any type of kitchen can be painted. it all depends on the preparation, quality of brushes, equipment and suitability of the paint. We take great pride in our kitchens and are passionate about transforming new and old into a space of beauty.

We invest heavily in state of the art sanding equipment to reduce household dust and use only the highest quality paints to achieve a finish that will last for years to come.

Kitchen Unit Painting Cork Kitchen Unit Painting Cork

Kitchen Unit Painting Cork Specialist

Instead of replacing your furniture, why not change its color or texture by painting it? We can also antique or distress for a beautiful timeless ‘shabby chic’ look or simply restored to its former glory.

We can customize virtually any color to match or complement your existing furniture and accessories; The finished look will be completely unique to you.

Regardless of the size of the piece of furniture, large or small, freestanding or mounted, you can be assured that you will receive the same level of care, attention and craftsmanship.

We understand that finding the perfect color isn’t easy; that’s where we come in. Our design specialists work closely with you to find the ideal color combination for your kitchen or furniture.

Service included, our color consultant interprets your ideas, the environment of the room and the natural and artificial lighting. We will advise you on the best type of paint suitable for the surface for a durable and long lasting finish.

Your personal style is important to us and we can help you translate it into a beautiful space that you won’t want to leave.

After thoroughly cleaning your kitchen units with a commercial degreaser, we thoroughly vacuum all work areas at each stage and at the end of each day to ensure there is no buildup of dust or contaminants. that could harm the finished project

Bespoke Furniture Painting Cork


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