Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cork


Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cork


Do you have outdated wooden kitchen cabinets that could use a new life? You’ve probably thought about painting them, because kitchen cabinet painting cork are the trend in interior design these days. Savvy homeowners choose to have their kitchen cabinet painting cork  by professionals because the end result is far better than most people can achieve with brushes and rollers alone. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with kitchen cabinet painting cork by us.


Bespoke Furniture Painting Cork
Bespoke Furniture Painting


Renewit furniture painting services offer something different than most other kitchen cabinet painting companies. While most professional furniture painters just apply a few coats of paint and everything is fine, Renewit’s kitchen cabinet painters will thoroughly clean and prime the cabinets first, making the service stickier. We then apply the color and top coat of your choice to ensure maximum durability.

You can choose from different colors and finishing techniques, giving you unlimited possibilities!

You can dramatically change the look of your kitchen, bathroom or shop in just 3-5 days by changing the color of your cabinets with our custom paint. Renewit offers more colors than most other furniture finishing companies, giving you the freedom to fully express yourself with a full palette of color options. Many furniture painters offer a handful of color options, but only Renewit can offer hundreds of color combinations to suit both your kitchen and your style.

Renewit custom color change costs 1/3 the cost to remodel and 1/5 the cost to replace your cabinetry, saving you money and increasing your home renovation budget.

Kitchen cabinet Painting cork 

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cork Specialist

If you have no experience painting cabinets, this is a very time consuming and detailed process, especially if you live in an apartment with limited work space. It’s multiple coats of primer and paint with a spray gun spewing paint all over the place so you literally have to cover your spot with so much plastic it looks like a contaminated area.

Renewit did a great job sealing off the work area so the smell didn’t affect us or my dogs. Renewit’s craftsmanship is so good that our cabinets look as if they were not painted in their original colour. He was always on time and on time keeping the routine as normal as possible. I would 1000% use Renewit again and would have recommended it to all my friends and family.

White isn’t the only option for kitchen cabinet painting cork. Some homeowners are becoming more adventurous in their color choices, opting for rich hues such as emerald green or navy blue, or various shades of gray. But even if you opt for traditional white cabinets, there are countless shades of white to choose from. Our experienced color consultants can help you choose the perfect shade for your lacquered kitchen cabinets that will give your kitchen a fresh new look and complement the rest of your home.

Please let us know if you would like color advice when you contact us to make your first appointment.

Bespoke Furniture Painting Cork


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