Kitchen Cabinet Respray

What is A Kitchen Respray?

A Kitchen Respray is precisely what it sounds like. Rather than having to take your cabinets out,( with all the mess that goes with it ! ), they are masked off to prevent excess spray, and the Framework is then spray painted and hand painted where necessary the colour you choose after the extensive preparation It requires.

How Much Does A Kitchen Respray Cost?

All jobs vary in price according to their size. Prices vary depending on the size, style and finish of your kitchen. Kitchen with islands and utilities cost a little

How much can I save?

We can paint and respray your Kitchen Cabinets without tearing down your existing ones or investing large amounts of money on a whole new Kitchen ? You can spray paint your kitchen for approximately 25-30 % of what it would cost to replace it.

Kitchen Painters

Painting or respraying our kitchen cabinets is now very popular with house owners who are happy with the physical units that are in place but just want a new colour.

We understand.  After spending a lot of money on. kitchen cabinets that you are happy with a respray to a fresh modern colour can transform your kitchen and also save you the huge cost of replacement of units.

RenewIT are experts in painting all types of furniture and not just kitchens but the respray service we offer our clients delivers an “as good as new” finish to the end product and 

Sray Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Spray painting delivers a consistent finish to your kitchen cabinets that often is not delivered with a brush.  Yes some people do use a brush but it takes much longer for the same finish and spray painting is quicker delivers a consistent layer of paint and is 100% smooth on your units doors.

We spray paint your cabinets in a custom paint booth that does not allow any dust in and apply the appropriate undercoating and finish that you desire.

When you see the end product you will be amazed at the transformation and all our customers have been happy.  Once you pick a colour from the wide range of paints and colours that are available we will take all your doors and units and spray them.  there may be some that we will have to do in your home as they cannot be removed but we will advise you on this,

We will work out with you if you need the kickboards painted and see what colour contrasts work..  Our service delivers a kitchen makeover for you at a fraction of the cost of replacing your cabinets.

Our work does not cover replacing or painting countertops so you may need to change these to match the new colour or they may be perfect.



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